Angels Sing in Me
por James Dillet Freeman

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Publicado: 01/06/2004
Derechos de autor: 2004
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Angels Sing in Me: The Best of James Dillet Freeman

Angels Sing in Me is an outstanding collection of the best poems, essays, and stories Unity's poet laureate ever wrote. You will find poems and prose about love and loss, about finding God and finding yourself, about freedom and the search for Truth, about life and death, and about growth. There are stories about Christmas, Jim's favorite topic, and there are personal and archival photographs that bring the past to life.

Here is James Dillet Freeman at his lyrical, passionate best. Here is the poet well loved by millions, whose poems are on the Moon, whose dedication to the art of writing is as inspiring as what he chose to write about. Here is a tribute to the man who came to stand for the best the movement called Unity has produced.

Angels will sing in you as you read this wonderful book.

Hardcover with dust jacket, 292 pp.